Thinking back, my art career began with my first set of crayons. I always enjoyed art and excelled in my artistic endeavors throughout my schooling. As a kid, I loved model building.

As a teen, I took up airbrushing and found I could make some pretty decent money refinishing old surfboards and airbrushing t-shirts. In my high school and college years I was heavy into mechanical and architectural drawing, technical illustration and graphics.

Out of college, I pursued a 20-year career as a technical illustrator. On the side, I dabbled in many different forms of artwork and discovered the art of reverse glass.

I began my study of reverse glass art in 1989. I attended a seminar conducted by the gold leaf master craftsman, Rick Glawson. I also studied many books and articles on the subject.

Rick Glawson hosted the California Conclave, an annual meeting of glass sign artists, where many ideas and discoveries were shared. I quickly became a regular attendee.

Of all the different artwork I have dabbled in, I have found reverse glass art to be the most intriguing and rewarding. I have since retired as a technical illustrator and now run an architectural glass etching business under the name Milestone Manufacturing.


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